Recognizing God in your battle

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You must recognize God in your battle, you don’t have to climb those walls or break it down by yourself. You are continually facing new challenges everyday, new issues, new problems all the time. But remember the battle is not yours, it belongs to God, so fight those battles with God, not alone. Have you recognized God in your situation? You must realize that there is a spiritual way of life to help you through your battles. We have to start realizing what is our work and what is Gods work.

God can show up anywhere at anytime, so instead of going around in circles by yourself, allow God to show you the path you need to move forward. Praying alone is sometimes not enough, you need prayer from others to help you through. There are times your battles can be won with the help of others praying for you, so when God sends help for you, grab it instead of driving it away. It’s not of God being for us, its about us being for God.

Some of you think you won your battles because of your secret fight, but you don’t realize that there is someone in their knees praying for you also. So don’t take all the praise, of you praying alone that caused you to win your battle. Ephisians 2:9 says- Not of our works alone lest any man should boast. 

The fight that you are up against is not yours, you don’t have to show up for the fight like a wrestler or boxer, you are not using God to get the victory, God is using you to get the victory, so don’t get it twisted, remember the battle is not yours it belongs to God. Fight your battle with strength not strain, stand and arm yourself for God to fight your battle for you. You would not fight the devil with what you can do, but with what God has in store for you to fight him with.

All our experiences should be a great experience with God, good ones and bad ones. Your situation can be your sanctuary. When God delivers you, people would not even believe your testimony, they would be shocked, they would think you are fibbing. This is because when God brings you out, he brings you all the way out. The situation that you are dealing with right now will come to pass. God would give you some storms to blow through your troubles, but it is worth going through those storms with God right by your side.

Shout out to him, cry out to him, kneel down for him, stay all the way with him, continue worshipping God no matter what you go through in your life. Drop down on your knees and worship him. When you make a sanctuary out of your situation, God will give you a strategy. When God gives you a strategy you can over come anything, but if you give God a strategy, he can’t help you because you can’t fight the battle by yourself. You cannot afford to think you know everything when dealing with God.

Try getting up on a Sunday morning and go to Church. Don’t go because you want to show people that you are going, or you want to be entertained by the music and dancing, or to see your friends, you should go to service on a Sunday to have an encounter with GOD. You should have a joy to serve God and worship him. Not only on a Sunday but everyday of our life. Isaiah 41:10 says- So do not fear for I am with you…i will strengthen you and help you…

Milz🤗- God is merciful all the time….if you find interest in my article, please like, comment and share….

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