You are not a convenience store

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Many times in our lives we fail to see and realize that there are people who use us without any remorse. Yet still if they ask for help you will continue to help them. I guess it’s in your nature to help people, no matter how much you are hurt by them, no matter how much they advantage your kindness, you just keep doing what that word says “HELP”. Sometimes we need to stop and think, is it worth your time and energy going out of your way to help those who take advantage of your good heart? Most of the times you are so helpful and kind to people, but when you need that same help and kindness, the only person giving you what you need is GOD.

These people resemble serpants, they come into your life to use you, they don’t come into your life to love you, they come into your life to take from you. No matter how much you help them, when you need the help, you don’t receive it. There is an old saying ” one hand don’t clap”. When you remove these people from your life, they will make everyone think that you are the bad person, that you are the wrong one, instead they are the ones who treated you wrong. But do not feel guilty for cutting someone out of your life who dont deserve to be in your tommorows. The people with the kindest hearts always seem to be the ones who get taken advantage of. You need to start respecting yourself, don’t let people take advantage of you. I am not telling you to stop helping people, i am just simply saying be on alert, know the signs when you are being taken advantage of and turn the page.

Your self esteem will improve if you stop letting people advantage you. You see, when people take advantage of you, it leads to depression, feeling of hopelessness, internal anger. These are things we try to avoid from our daily lives. We need to stay away from those people who will trigger off these emotions that you clearly want out of your life.

Yes you are helpful, nice and want to please everyone, but ease off on it a little, have some boundaries. Respect yourself. Did you like that feeling of being treated unfair? How did it feel? I am sure you did not like the feeling. This does not mean that you treat people differently, you just need to be polite when you are standing up for your rights. You don’t have to be on a high horse and start acting out. Step up and be brave, don’t let it continuously happen. Putting other people needs before yourself could be their needs, its ok to say NO sometimes.

When you feel you are pushed to do or give to someone else, but you know its not what you want to do, or its not right, take a breather, think before you act, learn to stand up for yourself. I’m sure you had persons taking from you, borrowing from you, and now they don’t speak to you, they say bad things about you, they stopped being your friend, they don’t check for you anymore. This is because they have gotten what they wanted and they don’t need you anymore.

You need to surround yourself with good people, you may not have much friends, but a few is better to have than a lot, who would not treat you the way you are deserved. Good friends are there to catch you when you fall, you can do the same for them also. You will never be alone in your problems when you have good friends, especially the ones who pray a lot. We need to forgive people, but be mindful of what happened to you so it wouldn’t reaccure. Make conscious choices because of your past experiences. No need for grudges, we shouldn’t have grudges, just do not blindly disregard the past.

Matthew 6:14-15 says ” For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others thierssins your heavenly father will not forgive yours sins”.Β 

πŸ€—Milz-Β  to God be the glory. If you find interest in the article please like, comment and share.


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