A roller coaster life

I have seen people making videos of other individuals and laughing about it. And we as people condone these type of behaviours because we like, comment and share it. Some of the videos are made with people who are not educated, or have the same interlect as you, or who never learned to read and write. Not everybody had the same parents as you, or the same opportunities as you, or the same wealth as you, or the same upbringing as you. Everyone is different and everyone lives a different life style, be it rich, poor, happy, sad, miserable whatever kind of life they lived, we are not supposed to laugh at anyone or bring down their character in any manner.

In todays society, every thing that happens we post on social media. If your neighbour has an out house instead of proper toilet facilities u video tape and post it. We are all human beings and we all have feelings of some kind. We need to be more caring, loving and protective of our neighbour than instead of abusing there trust and privacy. When I say the word neighbour, i don’t mean your next door neighbour only, this stretches to family, friends, people in society, strangers.

You ever took a moment and wondered, how would u feel if someone had done that to you? Have you ever considered that it could have been you in that situation, crying and stressed because somebody disgraced your privacy? Well if you haven’t then u better start thinking out loud. We are all our brothers keeper, no matter how bad the person is at spelling, or they don’t know the answers to questions, or where the person lives, or how much children they have and can’t take care of them properly because they are poor,think before you publicise these individuals.

When things happen to us, or things are not going the way it should, we then blame God or others. Yes you may have followers on social media, you may have a paycheck coming in every month, your business is booming, your wealth and wants are flowing, but do you really have a peace of mind? How can you sleep at night knowing the horrible things that you do just for fame and money.

Why don’t we try to help these people instead of bringing them down, making them feel less than they already feel of them selves, help them to gain self confidence. Help them to think differently. Everyone deserves to learn, everyone deserves a better life. So the next time you decide to post on social media, make sure it’s something good about someone. Remember what goes around, comes right back around. Remember God watches every move.


πŸ˜‡Milz –Β “God said, if you love me, keep my commandment.” If you find interest in the article, please like, comment, share………




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