Watching your child being bullied

It’s hard enough when u have to go through 9 months of carrying your child and go through the days and nights of labour, nurture them as infants and then feel sad when they have to start school. You worry if they will be taken care off just as you take care of them at home.

Then you have to face the fact that there are bullies out there in schools. Who’s parents are not caring if their child is being a bully to another child and teachers who are just not doing their job.

Infants need attention every minute of their lives, at home and in school. When parents drop there infants at day cares and kindergarten, they expect the care givers and teachers to be extra careful with their child. I personally have seen that 90% of the care givers and teachers do not care about the child, they just business about getting a salary at the end of the month. One particular kindergarten that my nephew goes to, the teachers are always sitting chating, not even watching the kids attentively. There is one particular teacher who has to do every thing and even takes her time to watch the kids, but how much can she do when the rest of them are just sitting around playing the fool.

There are some care givers and teachers who will take the time to pay attention to the child/children every minute of the day, they would make sure the children are being friendly to each other, keeping there bad habits at home. They will take the time to teach children about bullying and the effects of bullying. One example is my Sister-in-law who is a kindergarten teacher at present.

The Ministry of Education needs to do something about children being bullied by teachers and other children. Some supervisors who visit schools, evaluate the school and recommend that it closes done, but then it stays open because the owners of the school pays a bribe or knows somebody in authority. That’s how the cycle works.

Some teachers usually bully the child who cannot speak, knowing he/she would not be able to say who did the injury to him/her or what happened. So they take advantage of that child’s weakness. So u see your child coming home with a mark in there skin and they can’t explain who did it or how they got it because the child cannot speak fluently.

Then sometimes there are parents who use the phase, don’t let anybody hit you in school, if they hit you, hit them back. These are things we need to stop teaching our children. This is what starts a child off to become a hater to others. If u want information on bullying, check out my website, i wrote about bullying in one of my blogs, so u can scroll and take a read about bullying. We need to start controlling this before it gets to serious.


Milz- To God be the glory….

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