God knows the sacrifice and suffering you’ve been through

person holding bible with cross
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God knows the suffering you have been through,he knows the sacrifice you’ve made, he knows your faith in him. No matter how much you’ve sacrificed, the old car you drove that kept breaking down all the time, the house with all the leaks on the roof and the floor with all the cracks, the one suit or dress you wore to church, the biscuit you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. God never gave up on you. You believed in him and suffered and sacrificed and holded on to the faith. You are a Christian because of your living sacrifice, no matter what you’ve been through you faced your fears year after year, you seeked the kingdom of God first.

Christ told you to take up your cross and follow him, its not easy to be a living sacrifice. Prayer, prayer, prayer….. Suffer for him, he deserves your suffering, you will know in the end, that it is worth suffering for him. He gave up his life on the cross for us. Jesus was obedient till death. As a lamb he paid the price, the ultimate sacrifice, he could have been the lion of Judah, but he choose being the lamb to sacrifice himself for us.

To be like Jesus you have to take up your cross and walk, your cross is not a piece of wood, it can be your marriage, your job, your love to someone who don’t love you, you give and give and they take and take. You are not a Christian with what works in your life, you are a Christian with what doesn’t work in your life. When your success takes place in your life people look at the wealth you have, but God sees the suffering and sacrifices you made to be blessed today. Real value is determined by sacrifice. Take a minute and thank God for blessing you and helping you lift that cross and walk with you.

  • Where is your cross?
  • Where is your faith?
  • Where is your consistency?

How can you ask for a crown if you never had a cross?

Don’t watch what people have or what they do and wish it was you. God says hang on there, he has bigger plans for you. God doesn’t forget your labour of love. You’re not a Christian because you attend church Sunday mornings or you sing in the church choir, or you are in the church ministry, or you watch Christian programs. You are a Christian because you are a living sacrifice, you are a Christian because you got your cross, you are a Christian because you are nailed to something that is giving you pain, you are a Christian because you are nailed to something that makes you bleed. And you still praise God, and you still worship and serve him, and you still kneel and pray, and you are still holding on to him. You’ve been faithful although you’ve been hurting, you’ve been faithful although you’ve been scared, if you’ve faced your fears and did it anyway, that’s what makes you a Christian.

Because you have no success to show now doesn’t mean you are less in value than anyone else. You will reap in due season. It is worth the sacrifice to take up your cross and walk, it is worth being a living sacrifice. Jesus did not come down from that cross to save himself, that sacrifice was for us… I am an example of that sacrifice…..God never gives you more than you can bear, he will never forsake you.

Hebrews 6:10- ” God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and labour of love…”

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Inspired by :TDJ

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