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  • Do you ever regret things that you had done in your past?
  • Do you sometimes feel that you could just go back in time and change it all around?
  • Do you sometimes wish you had done something different and maybe your life may have been better, easier or more perfect?

Regret is feeling sad or sorry about something that you did or did not do. Regret seems to be a fact of life, the one who got away, the job you didn’t take, the fight you wish you hadn’t had, not making the right choice at times, and the list goes on. There would be something you wish you had done differently.

Instead of looking back, own up to it, whatever happened, happened. Yes, you made the wrong choice, said the wrong thing, went in the wrong direction. Whatever it may be, it’s done, finished, in the past, its over. As humans, we sometimes would make mistakes, we wouldn’t choose wisely and sometimes you don’t have the correct information to help you. Everyone cannot make a perfect decision all the time. Yes it hurts, so cry it out, scream, pound on your bed, get those emotions out ,then let it go.

We all have to learn from our past. Instead of bashing yourself, examine the situation. You can learn a lot from decisions you make and try to understand what went wrong. Note what you need to do differently the next time you have a decision to make.

Make plans to do things you like to do, to help cancel your regrets. Spend time doing extra activities, spend time with close friends and family, Volunteer. If you keep your mind on what you left behind, eventually you will crash. Get your focus in front of you, move forward not backward.

The Bible refers to regret as a way for satan to get inside you mentally. Regret can be devastating, if we dont keep it in check. We should live with no regrets, your reward is coming, and we should look forward for that day. But for those who have not yet repented of their sins, which means that they have never turned away and forsaken them, there is only a fearful expectation of the coming wrath of God (Heb 10:27), that would lead to an ultimate regret for time without end (Rev 20:12-15).


2 Timothy 4:7- says “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

Ecclesiastes 5:20- says ” they seldom reflect on the days of their life because God keeps them occupied with gladness of heart.”


😇Milz-  Godly sorrow is greater than worldly sorrow….if you found interest in the article please leave a like or comment below, thanks…..




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