Learn to walk away

walking path way tunnel

Sometimes your enemy tries to draw you into a fight that has no purpose in your destiny. Even if you win the fight you will lose the battle, because you are supposed to set your run to heaven, not a fight that wouldn’t benefit your life in the end.

When your enemy comes into your comfort zone attacking you, how do you deal with it?

  • Do you become angry and aggrevated?
  • Do you think evil thoughts?
  • Does negative images come to your mind?

The enemy tries to insight you to riot, he takes advantage of your temper. The next time the enemy strikes – WORSHIP. When you WORSHIP the enemy screams. Some of us are to busy trying to prove how tough we are, not realizing that we can win the battle but lose the war.

There comes a time in your life that you got to be willing to look like you lost and be weak. You got to be willing to walk away.  You have to remember who you are and remember your journey. Your destiny awaits you. What the enemy tries to do is distract you;

  • With your pride
  • With your temper
  • With your anger
  • With your frustration
  • With your bitterness

But you can survive this. You’ve been rejected before and you’ve been denied before. There is no need for you to allow the enemy to seduce you into destruction, when you have a date with destiny.

Sometimes the smartest thing to do is be humble, hold your peace, sometimes a soft answer turns away wrath. Sometimes it’s good for you to look bad, so you could shine. The Bible says in (1Peter 5:10) ” After you’ve suffered a while, I will establish, strengthen, restore you and make you perfect.”

Inspired by TDJ

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