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Most people do not have the heart to forgive. Instead they rather  strike back, they want justice for the hurt they felt. They want the other individual to know the pain they inflicted on them. When we forgive we reflect our Fathers love. Forgive as he has forgiven you. Forgiveness helps us to give to others what God has given to us.

Do you remember where you were when he found you? Even though you ignored god, you put him aside to gain the world, in the end when you found him he forgave you.

Do you think that god would be reminding you of your past? No he would not. He said ” he would remember the past no longer”. So do you keep a grudge on someone who did you harm? If you do, then you are not being the righteous person you ought to be.

When we forgive we show that the holy spirit is working in us. When we forgive we remember where he found us and where he has us now. People who refuse to forgive, hurt themselves. Bitter people are not the right people to be around. They deceive you with there smiles, but inside they are bitter.

Forgiveness not only release us physically and emotionally, it also releases us spiritually. An unwillingness to forgive will affect our fellowship with god. Just as gods grace had a transforming effect on you, your extension of that grace can have an effect on others. When we endure and forgive rather than strike back, we open the doorway of grace to someone else.

When we truly forgive, we strive against all thoughts of revenge; we will not think of mischief, instead wish them well, pray for them. Forgiveness has taken place when we seek good for the person. We have to keep forgiving over and over again. Sometimes we forgive but things always remind us of that particular incident, so we have to keep forgiving.  Alot of people say they forgive but there heart is resentful. We often say we forgive but we dont forget, but remember God said “he will remember our sins no longer.”

Luke 17:3,4  – so watch your selves ” if your brother sins rebuke him,  and if he repents forgive him. If he sins against you seven times a day and comes back and repent seven times, forgive him.”

😇Milz- thanks to god for this opportunity to write…if you found interest in the article you can leave a like or comment below, thanks…



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