Awake with a positive vibe

calm daylight evening grass
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One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. Wake up with a smile, watch your self in the mirror and say to yourself “today is going to be a fantastic, stress free day”.  Find time in the morning to spend with God, do some stretches, meditate for 10 minutes, drink a nice cup of green tea, take in the fresh air that God provided for us. This would help you to go through your day peacefully, humble and pleasant. We tend to show more love, kindness and care when we start our day the right way.

Try smiling all day, no matter the situation or the circumstances, just keep smiling. This helps you to keep positive and recieve compliments from others. When you receive those compliments you will feel vibrant and fresh to continue your day no matter how bad it’s going. There are so many negativity in this world already, you don’t want to add more negative vibes to the world. Make it your business each day to make someone laugh or smile, make them feel that they are worth something, when they see you their day brightens up.

Stay away from negative people, people who do not have any worth in being in your life, these people are just there to make your life miserable, to make you feel down and out, to make you think you are nothing and you deserve nothing. If you can’t stay away from them then try your best to make them into positive minds also. Everyone deserves to be happy if they are willing to change. Remember if that negative vibes continues to be in the air, step away from it, or you would just be pulled down with it. Emotions are like magnets. If I am sad, someone else becomes sad, if I am happy everyone is happy, if i am positive then everyone feels that energy, if i am negative then they continue being negative.

Just keep smiling with a positive attitude. God is in control, u need not worry……

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