Pay attention to your childs signs and emotions

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Most of the times when children are being abused they do not tell anyone about it and many keep there secret all there lives without any councilling or speaking out about it. Abusers are most likely to be persons we know, people we care about. Three quarter of the children who are abused know there abuser very well, they are most likely to be family members, neighbours, friends, baby sitters, some of them hold responsible positions in society. The closer the relationship between the victim and the abuser, the less likely they will speak of it.

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Parents need to look out for warning signs – be aware of the hints given by children. They may not have the words to explain what is happening to them,, they may seem worried at times and upset. The response to the child should be very sensitive. Although it may be hard to think that someone you love and trust can commit such acts, be mindful that children would rarely lie of incidents like these, so be careful how you deal with the situation because the child trusted you enough to tell you their secret. It is important that a child feels supported, do not deny them or put aside the matter.

In situations like these, you should stay calm and listen, do not show them that you are angry, they might think you are angry with them and be fearful of you also. Make sure you show them how much you love them and support them. Let them know that they are doing the right thing by telling you, and they can trust you to protect them. When the situation becomes open, you must protect your child at all cost. Do what is necessary to protect your child from further harm.

Get help from professionals who can help and guide you and your family acordingly. It will hurt to know that someone you love so dearly has been hurt so badly. But if you get the necessary help it will help you and the child recover from that nightmare. The child may fear that the abuser may hurt them or their family, they might think that no one would believe them. The child can even have regrets of telling on the person, and want to take back what was said. They might feel unsure who they can trust further.

When abuse takes place within familiess, the pain we experience can be unbearable, emotional, and confused. Parents will feel that they let it happen to the child, they start feeling responsible for what happened, they start feeling guilty. But they also feel relieved that the abuse would stop. When the abuse happens within the family, each family member is affected and would need immediate counselling.
Parents may feel angry and betrayed by the abuser. They may have anger to the child for not letting them know earlier. As parents you will worry about the effects that it would have on your child. Parents and caregivers also need support at this time, to help coup with the trauma, the guilt, the hurt and pain behind it all.

It is important to get help for the child and your family, to overcome these feelings that can follow you for years to come. You will face challenges emotionally. This may be the time to turn to a councillor, a therapist or your family priest for emotional support. Do not keep it to yourself and think you can coup with it, think about the child and your family.

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