Coming out of your comfort zone

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It is difficult for us to come out of our normal hidden lives that we live in. So many persons have been going through abuse and do not have the slightest clue that its happening. There are so many types of abuse out in the world.

1. Neglect

2. Physical abuse

3. Emotional and psychological abuse

4. Verbal abuse

5. Sexual abuse

And the list goes on. Most of the times you are unaware of being abused because of love and your relation to the person. They keep hurting you but u still don’t want them to get in trouble or even end up in jail, so u just continue trying to please them. On the other hand there are those who are not loved by you or have any relation with you but you are afraid of what they might do to you if you expose them. There have been times that women and men, boys and girls were abused but because of the abuser, they had no idea how to expose these people because they were either popular, a leader in society, someone who was trusted by others.

Normally we see in the media that people who are wealthy, popular and who are leaders usually get away with abuse because of their big lawyers, their publicity (where the public start to also abuse the victims), their pay offs and other unanswered reasons why the victims don’t receive justice.

Sometimes it’s good to tell someone about your abuse, this will help you to gain evidence that u were being abused. When we keep it to our selves its hard for people to believe us when we decide to speak out, it even impacts on you.

Victimized persons develop emotional and psychological problems secondary to their abuse. This will include anxiety disorders and various forms of depression. Some can develop substance abuse disorders. If abuse has been very severe, the victim may be traumatized and develop a post traumatic stress disorder. If abuse has happened at a very early age then a personality disorder can occur. Suicidal thoughts are prune to happen with abuse and emotional pain.

The fear caused by abuse is an emotion that can stick with you during and after the abuse. You feel defenceless, helpless and hopeless. It is scary and heart-breaking. You experience trauma, your emotions are warn out. Fear takes over your thoughts and feelings. People can do alot to help you out of this trauma but only you can take that pain and fear away. You will be afraid to go on, you will fear the future, but you must face those fears. Erase as many as you can with plans. Convincing your heart and challenging your fears, go a long way to ending the effects of abuse on your mind and heart.

We must realise that regardless of what has been done to you, its up to you to decide what to do with it. Allow the pain to teach you something rather than blaming someone or yourself for what has happened to you. Every painful experience has something good to come out of it. You will have that feeling of not wanting to move on, but there is always a purpose and gift for someone to share out of their experiences. Be an inspiration to those who are still in their shell and can’t find a way out. Be a help to those who can’t move on. Be a voice for those who are suffering the abuse at this time. Break the silence of abuse. Break the boundaries that you are comfortable with. The most important person that can hear you is yourself. It takes a lot of courage to speak out about your abuse, but it takes more courage to face the pain of your past. Focus in helping others to survive through these abuse, this can help you gain more confidence and strength to overcome your pain.

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